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David Capelli

806 days ago
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David C Disrupting Transportation: Implications for the Innovation Economy
1) How do we reach and access the target population?
2) Police officers targeting certain train lines for theft of train tickets. 
3) More technology and timely customer service when using transportation ex: (Greyhound strands people) 
4) 2 tiered system to disruption- eliminates middle class 
1) crowdsourced buses to live events 
2) Breadcar: Chinese community car service like Uber, website is all Chinese designed for that ethnic community 
3) Bank on DC program: getting folks banked/credit-wired, capital bike share to EBT cards 
1) electric vehicle low income car share (South and East LA) 
2) All community college students free transit passes 
3) SBIR: small business innovation research grants 
Takeaways/Further Dialogues: 
1) How does the flow and system of traffic affect the community and economy? 
2) Are LMI communities ready/included in electric car share companies?
3) what are our roles/obligations when creating disruptive innovation? 
4) opportunity costs for transit- what's the real cost? 
5) how would you get around Los Angeles without a credit card or car? 
6) what do we miss out on when there is poor and non-inclusive transit? 

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