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Sirinya Matute

805 days ago
Editor, Santa Monica Next (Los Angeles Streetsblog sister site)
Jason I Volunteer, Abundant Housing LA (AHLA)
Twitter: @jasonislas
GlobeSherpa/RideScout - Mobile Ticketing & First/Last Mile Applications
Santa Monica Big Blue Bus
sirinya.matute at smgov.net 
twitter @ sirinyamatute
805 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Sirinya Matute 805 days ago
  • Engineers are thinking not only about bikes and wheelchairs, but they are thinking about trucks, cars, bikes, wheelchairs, etc. 
806 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Asher M , Sirinya Matute 806 days ago
Asher M I have a simple request: make transit schedules viewable directly on the website. Requiring users to download a PDF to see when buses leave is not user-friendly when accessed from a smartphone. Or maybe I'm missing something...
Sirinya M
  • I hope you will take a few minutes to visit the website now. you can now view transit schedules directly on the website. when you go to a route page, we now have an interactive map that contains icons for every bus stop on that route. you'll first need to select the day of the week and direction you are headed. once you do that, when you click on a particular stop, you will see all of the scheduled times.
  • We were able to set this up a few weeks before our August service change, and the "schedule" drop down allowed us to make the distinction between the February 2015 schedule and the August 2015 schedule.
  • Of course, we fully recognize that this website is not mobile responsive, but to move to a mobile responsive site necessitates a complete overhaul. 
811 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Sirinya Matute 811 days ago
Sirinya M Uses of Technology at Big Blue Bus for Passenger Information & Project Management
Session Proposal (work in progress) - to be led by Big Blue Bus & City of Santa Monica staff
Targeting transit aficionados and developers:  
We'd like to provide an introductory overview on how we use technology to run our bus operation and to provide passenger information in order to give pique the interest of technologists.
Planning & Community Engagement
  • Open Data Initiative -
  • BBB and City of Santa Monica opened data in GTFS-realtime on June 6 as part of Hack the Beach. gtfs.bigbluebus.com.
  • Santa Monica's Hack the Beach initiative is now coming back 10/6! The City's going to host a contest to solicit ideas for the use of technology and/or outreach to improve mobility, community and/or civic engagement.
  • Digital Marketing/Communications: Web, social media, email marketing. Passenger information through NextBus and open GTFS-RT feed.
  • Use of Santa Monica's GO app - CRM to streamline constituent relations
  • Bus stop data management -->currently enormous spreadsheet.
  • Trying to track well being of real-time signs
821 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Sirinya Matute 821 days ago
 But for hacking purposes, developing tools or spud that assist connecting transportation providers and companies like ridescout would be interesting.
Sirinya M  Excellent suggestions, Carlos!
821 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Sirinya Matute 821 days ago
Sirinya M Here are the ideas that came out of the latest 'strawman' that I could find (what's a strawman) on MoveLA's website. MoveLA is the advocacy organization which has been leading the charge for another Measure R, of undeterminate name. https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/movela/pages/1885/attachments/original/1440103615/Strawman-44-corr-1_WebBlog.jpg?1440103615
  • Included divvying into Rail, transit ops, clean truck/highways, local return (25%), jobs creation, oversight and accountability.
  • Should we also be discussing other ways to fund transportation priorities besides through regressive sales taxes? 
829 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Sirinya Matute 829 days ago
Sirinya M Careers in Transportation & Technology
By virtue of being hosted by a university research center, we will be welcoming many current and recently graduated aspiring transportation professionals to our very first transportation camp.
There are so many options for those of us who love transportation -- and technology! For those of us who have found livelihoods in the transportation or technology sectors, how did we do it? 
For those of us who are mid-career, but wondering what's next?

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