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816 days ago
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JUAN M LADOT Commuter Express Wi-Fi Pilot Program 
Alex Fay, Vice President of Business Development at Syncromatics (LADOT's Intelligent Transportation Systems vendor) will share the technical approach and preliminary survey data about user attitudes toward the project and its impact on rider perceptions of transit.  This topic has also been selected for presentation at APTA's 2015 Annual Conference in San Francisco, CA.
Alex F Topics include:
  • How frequently do users take advantage of Free Wi-Fi?
  • What devices are most frequently used to connect to Wi-Fi?
  • What kinds of things do users do with Wi-Fi service?
  • Riders' willingness to pay for Wi-Fi service on commuter buses
  • and more...
852 days ago
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JUAN M Bike Share in LA: Cooperation or Competition?
Santa Monica has Smart Bikes.  Downtown Los Angeles has Smart Docks.  Some say Smart Bikes work better for areas with limited parking and lower suitabilities, since the station investment is far lower than with Smart Docks.  Others say Smart Docks are a proven model and do much better when large 20+ bike stations are needed.   Is this the beginning of a brutal war between bikeshare systems, or will it allow 2 systemjs to evolve concurrently, filling their own niches?
811 days ago
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JUAN M Autonomous Vehicles - Changing our Transportation Landscape
"Autonomous vehicles bring potential to dramatically change our transportation landscape.  What role should public policy play?  Should the onset of autonomous vehicles cause us to question some of the assumptions we now make when setting transportation policy?" - sent in by Ryan Snyder
852 days ago
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JUAN M A Mobility Marketplace for Los Angeles
Waze. Google Maps. Apple Maps.
Uber. Lyft. Sidecar. HopSkipDrive. Carma. Zimride.
Curb. Hailo. Flywheel. 
Postmates.  Instacart. Taskrabbit deliveries.
Bikeshare apps.  
The Transit App.  Tiramisu. Nextbus. Move It. Go Metro App.
The list goes on and on.  Is it time for a regional aggregator to facilitate travel decision-making?
852 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by JUAN MATUTE 852 days ago
JUAN M Beyond Measure R...?
What's the next step in local transportation finance for LA County.  Is it Measure R 3.0, with palty funding for sustainability and placemaking, or an evolved measure with more support for active transportation?
844 days ago
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JUAN M Caltrans "Find a New Way" $25K Innovation Contest
How can transportation geeks and hackers work together to reduce impaired driving and increase the sustainability of the transportation system?
Caltrans, ABC and DGS are holding "$25K Find a New Way" Innovation Contests to improve government operations, as a result of Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s Assembly Bill 2138, which was signed into law in September 2014 by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. The intent of AB 2138 is to provide an opportunity for everyday Californians to identify areas of improvement within the state government and share their untapped expertise to create solutions. Each department has up to $25,000 to award. Winners will be announced by December 31, 2015.
Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty, whose contest seeks the best idea for improving the state’s transportation system, said, “Californians have contributed some of the best transportation solutions in the country and we look forward to putting a great idea into action.” “
As the state deals with the on-going impacts of environmental change and the drought, we in state government are seeking out innovative ways to better promote sustainability,” said Daniel C. Kim, Director of DGS. 
“This code-a-thon allows us to leverage the creativity of the civic coding community to better show the work the state is doing to combat climate change.” 
“This is an exciting opportunity for Californians to possibly win an award for submitting new ideas to reduce or prevent underage drinking or develop new ways to limit youth access to alcohol. 
We are looking for out of the box solutions and creative strategies to improve these efforts,” said ABC Director Timothy Gorsuch. “The people of California are resourceful and inventive,” said Gatto. “Incentives like this can showcase Californians’ creative solutions to some of the state’s most pressing issues.”

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