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Jasneet Bains

806 days ago
UCLA C Session 1:
  • 4320 X (room closed
Session 2 (11:30AM to 12:20PM)
  • 4320 X
LUNCH IN 2355 at 12:30PM: eat in 2355, 2343 or outside.
Session 3 (2PM to 2:50PM)
  • 2343: Careers in Transportation
  • 3343: Disruptive Transportation in the innovation economy. What does this mean and imply? 
  • 4357: Autonomous Vehicles.
  • 2250: Political will to take on/defeat cities that try to block new or improved transit. 
  • 4371: One seamless, real time info network to link all LA-are transit agencies together 
  • 5391: How can planning folks work together with transportation engineers?
Juan M Session 4 (3PM to 3:50PM)
  • 2343: Bike Share: Multi-vendor region...What now?
  • 3343: Expanding Transit Access for ADA
  • 4371: Big Blue Bus-General Transit Feed Specifications 
  • 4357: Leveraging Technology to Conduct Outreach and Communicate to the Public. Soliciting, organizing, using customer feedback on the web. 
  • 2250: Bringing Real BRT to LA. Speeding up existing bus travel time. 
  • 5391: Identifying and Mobilizing Vision Zero Stakeholders. 
Juan M 4PM to 4:30PM Closing Session in 2355
5 to 7PM: Happy Hour at The Glendon

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