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Erik Griswold

797 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Erik Griswold 797 days ago
  1. Limited stop buses (existing in LA since the 1980s?) (Earlier!)
  1. LOS is being eliminated (congestion delay, cycles it takes to clear) by the govenor and moving to VMT based metric - so BRT does not have to mitigate additional traffic that is caused (longer left turn lanes etc. increases the cost of project currently) so that bus-only lanes can be implimented
  1. Peak periods are growing past 3-6pm - extending time frames needed 
  1. Parking during off-peak okay
  1. Re-education campaign about difference between select bus service and BRT 
  1. Dedicated bus way through industrial district downtown in Seattle? (The E-3 busway which runs alongside the UP access to Union Station, which is no longer serving passenger trains)
  1. Washington State allowed buses to use HOV lane, prioritized signalization etc. was not allowed in California
Erik G
  1. Good news:  Jerry Brown has signed legislation allowing for 82 foot (25 meter) buses to operate on the Orange Line (Bus Route 901 using the former Chandler Rail Right-of-Way)

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