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Rose McCarron

806 days ago
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Rose M Soliciting and Organizing Public Feedback/Using Tech for Public Outreach
How do people discover social media outlets? How do we educate people about the feedback outlets available to them?
  • Is it technology only?
  • local neighborhood organization
  • knowing your audience - not everyone wants to be bombarded with transit info
  • separate social media feeds based on topic so people can engage based on their interest level
  • for transit agencies - advertising on transit system
Customer Feedback
  • Ease of feedback important
  • Incorporating twitter into customer service so that it can be responded to and resolved immediately
  • Prompt, helpful feedback through social media can improve perception of brand
  • Prompting for reviews/ratings 
  • Making sure feedback is going to the correct transit agency
  • Feedback option directly on the bus/subway by the TAP
  • Technology can exclude groups from providing feedback
  • Can you tie in transit ratings through a third party trip planning app?
  • Potential apps for reporting problems
  • City Source
  • reporting software that geotags problems (pothole, etc.)
  • MyLA 311 App
  • Metro app need feedback option
  • Yelp 
  • Integrating feedback into customer payment system 
  • If TAP card tracks ride, you can leave feedback regarding a specific ride
  • How do you create something on the back end in a government agency that can sift through the massive amounts of information provided through multiple sources?
What do you expect when you provide feedback
  1. Resolution
  1. Speed/ease of reporting
  1. Two-way conversation
  1. Follow-through
  1. No placation - YES, we can resolve it/NO, we can't, we're sorry
806 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Rose McCarron 806 days ago
Rose M Autonomous Vehicles
Technology diffusion - where will autonomous vehicles be adopted?
Fleet vs. Private Ownership model
  • Metro buses are some of the most expensive vehicles on the road
  • In the fleet model, all users can access the technology
  • In the private ownership model, only those who can afford and are able to adjust to the technology advancement have access
What is autonomous?
  1. hands off
  1. eyes off
Differences in density
  1. low density - sedan
  1. solo ridership could reduce vehicle size
  1. medium density - truck
  1. high density - semi, bus (BRT)
  • likely the rate limiting step in implementation
  • focus on safety first
  • steering wheel required?
Congestion Alleviation
  • don't take up a parking space
  • don't have to have a car length's distance between the next car, may alleviate need for more highway lanes
  • google cars have a speed limit of 35 mph, difficult to market "slow" transportation
  • average speed in dense urban cores (LA, NY, SF) <20 mph
Public transit opportunity
  • could be used to serve the first-last mile problem
  • would greatly decrease labor cost
Labor issue
  • 10% of US labor force involved in transportation
  • Labor loss could be mitigated by having "conductors"
Safety benefits
  • Demonstrable increase in safety
  • Cost savings in collision, injury  and litigation
  • Increased efficiency in duty cycle for cars. 
  • A typical car is only used 4% of the time, an autonomous car service would greatly increase the usage rate
Environmental benefits
  • many autonomous cars are electric
Mixed traffic problem
  • autonomous and human drivers sharing the road
806 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Rose McCarron 806 days ago
Rose M Beyond Cars: Suburban Mobility
Lead by: Elaine Yang
Issues in Suburban Mobility
  • Suburban service: Local vs. long range
  • Meandering routes in local transit
  • How to encourage people to use active modes of transit
  • One day special events rarely translate to regular ridership
  • Active transit is not a priority
  • High frequency/high density routes vs. low frequency/low ridership routes
  • Balance between ridership and coverage
  • Increasing education about transit options
  • Lack of population density around the transit routes
  • Lack of stop/station density to induce walking to transit
  • Many bike projects oriented towards recreational use/not woven in to urban fabric
  • Suburban landscape not conducive to youth development
  • Senior mobility
  • Dial-A-Ride programs expensive to operate, inconvenient for seniors
  • Barriers to travel very high
  • Can we subsidize the senior riders?
  • Slow speed lanes for golf carts/electric vehicles
  • Transit agencies could view seniors as an opportunity/usually travel at off-peak times
  • Create an institutional PLACE where senior transit issue may be addressed
  • Youth population
  • How do we integrate safe active transit for children as well as seniors
  • Redefining neighborhoods
  • 50 year strategy
  • need to change land use plan
  • lots of space available in the form of failing shopping centers, but difficult to turn over land use intelligently
  • Creating infrastructure for emerging transit technology, creating a unified low speed lane for bikes, scooters, etc.
  • Automated vehicles and ride sharing
  • Controlling the funding - funds allocated for specific projects, difficult to innovative solutions
  • Create institutional place where senior transit issues may be broached
  • Land Recycling
  • Light industrial, failing strip malls
  • Developers may not be sophisticated enough to develop land that's especially conducive for public transit, but they do know how to build single family home developments. 
  • Neighborhood Oriented Development
  • Will require long-range land use development plans
  • How to create long term development plans within short-range local government agendas
806 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Aaron Antrim , Rose McCarron 806 days ago
Rose M Leaders: Michelle Lieberman and Bill Sadler
UCLA C (Open Data & SRTS)
How are you currently using data to inform decision-making for Safe Routes to School (and other programs and initiatives related to walking and biking)? What data would make for better decisions (or make your life easier)? Would open data be the answer? What are the opportunities and what are the challenges and concerns? I have a lot of questions for folks and would love to brainstorm.
For commuters, awareness and enforcement of parking cash out might raise the popularity of biking and walking, especially for people living and working in Santa Monica. I don't know the landscape in Santa Monica, but regionally, awareness of the program is very low.
Aaron A Purposes of data for SRTS:
  • Help with planning of programs and infrastructure around schools
  • Providing access of information, planning, and reassurance to parents/guardians
What could be created / accomplished with this data?
  • facilitate trip chaining
SRTS modes and programs:
Rose M How do we organize the data to be useful to different audiences
  • Planners, parents and principles will use this data for different purpose
  • Taking your child to school is very personal, there is a need for trained personnel to interact with parents directly
  • Parents want their children to have consistent routes to school
Aaron A What data would be useful?
  • Crossing guard locations
  • Bike routes
  • School entrances 
  • Bike racks
  • Loading zones
  • Ped and traffic injuries and fatalities, dangerous intersections
  • Crime: abductions, kidnapping, gang activity (use graffiti as an indicator)
  • Speed of traffic
  • Walk score
  • School catchment
  • School distance locations
  • Bike trains
  • Signatled intersections
  • Dismissal and start times of schools
  • Tupical travel distance
  • Location/concentration of students
  • Transportation availability
  • Land use
  • Unhealthy food
  • Sidewalk conditions
  • Signage
  • Paint
  • School bus stops and routes
  • Public bus stops and routes
  • School plan for traffic
Rose M
  • Air quality
Aaron A Potential sources:
  • Waze
  • Strava
  • City GIS
  • Open Street Map
  • Schools
  • Transit agencies
  • Google 
Rose M Challenges to open data:
  • Hasn't been a priority 
  • Keeping the data up to date

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