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802 days ago
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  • freedom: 1-way hikes
  • reduce congestion around trailheads
  • appeal to environmental ethos
  • information to trip planning
806 days ago
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How will we know when the streets are great? Great Streets Prorgam Manager Carter Rubin will present on how the Great Streets Initiative is using metrics and data to evaluate the impacts of projects on neighborhood economic activity, mobility, environmental quality and safety.
806 days ago
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Alex Fay, Vice President of Business Development at Syncromatics (LADOT's Intelligent Transportation Systems vendor) will share the technical approach and preliminary survey data about user attitudes toward the project and its impact on rider perceptions of transit.  This topic has also been selected for presentation at APTA's 2015 Annual Conference in San Francisco, CA.
806 days ago
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Leaders: Michelle Lieberman and Bill Sadler
(Open Data & SRTS)
806 days ago
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On Saturday's event, we will be joined by several members of the Big Blue Bus team, including three former motor coach operators/now supervisors, as well as the Chief Operating Officer for BBB. Do you have questions for them? One option for Camp on Saturday is to convene an open session.
  • Bijan J. - now a supervisor, handles motor coach operator scheduling
  • Ardavon M - now a supervisor, analyzes data to identify opportunities for improving on-time performance
  • Jabryan D., senior motor coach supervisor, responsibilities include detours, scheduling special trippers, managing workflow amongst supervisors
Combined, these guys have almost 20 years of driving experience.
I have a simple request: make transit schedules viewable directly on the website. Requiring users to download a PDF to see when buses leave is not user-friendly when accessed from a smartphone. Or maybe I'm missing something...
  • I hope you will take a few minutes to visit the website now. you can now view transit schedules directly on the website. when you go to a route page, we now have an interactive map that contains icons for every bus stop on that route. you'll first need to select the day of the week and direction you are headed. once you do that, when you click on a particular stop, you will see all of the scheduled times.
  • We were able to set this up a few weeks before our August service change, and the "schedule" drop down allowed us to make the distinction between the February 2015 schedule and the August 2015 schedule.
  • Of course, we fully recognize that this website is not mobile responsive, but to move to a mobile responsive site necessitates a complete overhaul. 
806 days ago
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How do we best leverage and use www.transitwiki.org?
806 days ago
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Santa Monica has Smart Bikes.  Downtown Los Angeles has Smart Docks.  Some say Smart Bikes work better for areas with limited parking and lower suitabilities, since the station investment is far lower than with Smart Docks.  Others say Smart Docks are a proven model and do much better when large 20+ bike stations are needed.   Is this the beginning of a brutal war between bikeshare systems, or will it allow 2 systems to evolve concurrently, filling their own niches?

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